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This wiki is for and by non-binary, transgender, intersexed, gender queer and fluid people. Our most popular topics are:

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We provide links to other sites we find appropriate. We will provide as much truth as we can and try to cut though the enormous pile of misleading information that is out there.


Here are some Hints at getting around the site.

What's this all about?

Transsexuality is also known as GenderIdentityDisorder, and is defined as

"a strong desire to be or identify as a different sex to the one assigned at birth"

Transsexuality is not weird or abnormal, it is just another human condition, and is treatable by medical science and therapy. All research points to it being an inborn condition, arising early in life and continuing. Some people transition early in life, others after many years of struggling with their identity.

Early transitioners often do better than later transitioners, Waiting until the last possible moment can cause many problems for the transitioner, but these can be overcome.

There are few studies on transsexuals. We are an understudied group a lot because we are so few in number, but also because there is often a difficultly in dealing with the transsexual community due to backlashes from the community with researchers.

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Hints for getting around the site

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