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List of Categories

Summary:This page shows all the various categories in this wiki Categories:Category

Pages in category Category:

  • Audio   Audio recordings and music.
  • Awareness   Pages and infographics on raising awareness
  • ComingOut   a collection of pages related to Coming Out - telling others
  • ComingOutStories   Stories about coming out.
  • Dating   Tips, stories, and reflections on dating
  • Diary   Personal diary entries.
  • Glossary   a collection of terms and definitions
  • Health   Health Care, Concerns, and Issues for Trans People
  • HomePages   The landing pages for each group in the wiki
  • Hormones   category page for pages about hormones
  • Humor   Humor, writings, and jokes
  • Info   a general category for pages containing information not necessarily otherwise categorized
  • Legalities   Category Page for pages about Legal Issues
  • Letters   Various coming out and other TG/TS related letters.
  • Links   Links for Transsexuals
  • Literature   Books, magazines, papers and other reading material on trans* issues
  • Newsletter  
  • PersonalCare   category page for pages about Personal Care, including makeup, hair removal, etc
  • Rant   Rants, at length.
  • Research   collection of wiki pages that deal with research into transsexual issues
  • Stub   category page for stubs -- incomplete articles
  • Support   A category for information about getting and giving support for trans folks
  • SupportNetwork   Information about various support networks, including this one.
  • Surgery   category page for Surgery entries
  • Therapy   category page for pages about Therapy
  • Transition   category page for Transition pages
  • TSSupport   Pages merged from
  • Voice   Pages on voice training, and audio samples
  • Work   category page for Work pages
  • Youth   Topics for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth
  • HomePage   Transsexual Information and Resources - Home Page
  • Categories   Categories are a way to organize and find related pages
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Page last modified on April 04, 2016, at 05:25 AM