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Purse: You'll go through a couple of these as you find your style, so go cheap. I went through two before I found one that worked for me. Spent $100 on em, total. :/

Shoes: I like shoes!

Bottoms: Skirts sound nice, sure (though I NEVER wear em) but remember your legs will have hair at LEAST one week a month. Me, I got sick of waxing long ago. Butch be me! anyway, get some nice jeans. I'd shop in a store. Remember, never add an extra half inch to jean sizes... they stretch!

Undies: Get a couple sizes to start with. One trick I know is tuck with two pairs of panties one size too small. Yes, two pairs. The extra tightness will keep things in place (or should).

Gloves: You don't need gloves. it's not 1920. If it's not winter, you don't need gloves!

Nose Warmers: this would be a great product if it existed!

Bras: You CAN order online, but I wouldn't. bite the bullet and go to the store and try em on. Trust me, it's better. use The BreastFormsFAQ? but with rice, not seed.

Earmuffs: always get one with an animal print.

Tops: Get all kinds. sweaters, shirts, long sleeve, short, V-neck, etc. Buy em in a store so you can see what you're getting. Once you have em all, try em all out. That'll help you discover your true style. Then, you go get more of what you love, and you'll still have some spare styles to keep from being a boring wench!

A word to the wise: When I first transitioned I was all femmey. I remember calling myself the most lipsticky lesbian on earth. I'm now relatively butch. The femme stuff was overcompensation. Don't stock up on clothes till you truly know who you are.

This tip provided courtesy of Naomi. (10/5/2004) Great idea from experience, do NOT spend your money on Skirts. First I bought only Skirts. In fact I got my hormones approval wearing Skirts.

Today I have 4 Skirts (I used to have 5, my mother stole me one :-), but I found out that woman today do not like Skirts. So Skirts would make u stand out (and believe me u do not want to stand out) or look like a drug queen :-)

I usually like 2/3, which let me show my legs, it can be jeans or other more gentle fabric.

I usually take time to measure, since from past experience I must feel good with what I wear, else I would not wear it.

Do not let the seller influence, they would try to push everything, they just want u to buy. I made few mistake that way, I returned home, and then returned to the store to return.

Contributed by Li. (10/6/2004)

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