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If you undergo SRS with Dr Suporn You will be given full details of dilation and how to do it after surgery. You will also be given a comprehensive booklet detailing dilation, and other important things you need to know about at the time.

The following is a generic scenario, as far as dilation is concerned. All timings given are approximate, but typical. Some patients will recover more quickly than others, and some more slowly. More rapid recovery is less typical:

First Month Post-operative

In the first month post-operative (equating roughly to the period one stays in Thailand with us under our care), patients are asked to dilate twice a day for roughly one hour. This is the early phase of healing, during which the principle behind dilation is simply to ensure that the vaginal cavity remains open fully.

After about a month post-operative, scar tissue contraction starts to occur, and it is this process that causes vaginal depth and width shrinkage, and when dilation becomes most important. However, you are taught a different process of dilation, which is more effective and takes less time - typically 15-20 minutes per session.

Months 2 and 3 Post-operative

During this phase, the need for rigorous and diligent dilation is greatest, and the risk of losing vaginal depth and width is the highest. Dilation is also physically most difficult. During this phase, we ask patients to dilate ideally 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time, but no less than twice a day for 20 minutes per session.

Months 4 - 6 Post Operative

There is now some possibility of reducing the frequency of dilation, by (for example) progressively cutting out one of the daily sessions each week, then 2 , then 3 etc etc. The speed with which this reduction can be done will vary from patient to patient. The key objective is to dilate as little as possible - without losing depth. The last 3 words are the most important. If depth is being lost, the dilation frequency needs to be increased again until no loss is experienced.

By the end of 6 months post operative, patients typically need to dilate only once a day.

Months 7 - 12

Progressive reduction in dilation regimen can be introduced, and by the time one is one year post-operative it should only be necessary to dilate once a week. By that time, scar tissue has matured and softened, and the risk of vaginal cavity shrinkage is low. If one did not dilate at all at this stage, some loss would be experienced over time, but no more than an inch or so - providing prior dilation had been diligent as described.

One year and beyond

It should only be necessary to dilate once a week, or even less frequently. Again, that will vary from patient to patient. The primary purpose is just to check depth. If depth loss is experienced, a return to dilation should be made, if retention of depth is important.


In the first 6 months post-operative, sex is not a substitute for dilation, but after 6 months post-operative it can help retain depth and width. Sex is not recommended earlier than 3 months post-operative, and can be expected to be uncomfortable until about 6 months post-operative. After that time, normal sex can be expected.

I hope that helps

Best Wishes


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Subject: question on post-srs care

I have a question regarding dilation schedules following srs.

What is the recommended number of times per day and duration of dilation at the following stages:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • beyond

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


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