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Figuring out that annoying dress size :)

This was one of the easiest things for me when I started , but I had a best friend that wore the same size as me, so I basically knew right away, however, not everyone has a best girl friend that's the same size and nearly same body build. The following is for DRESSES, not everyday clothing, however, after you find out your dress size, the rest tends to fall right into place(since many clothes use dress sizes anyway). So you have to figure out just what your dress size is, here's a little advice, and an easy to use chart :) Oh, and before we begin, the follow instructions are for average Misses' sizes, not for those of us that are taller or shorter than the average.

I'll start the bust. Your bust is your chest at it's fullest, if you're going to be wearing a bra under your dress, you'll want to measure OVER that. However, if youíve got something with built in support, or just wanna go without a bra, then donít wear when you measure.

Next, the under-bust. Measure this under your bust around your upper ribcage.

Waist: Measure your waist comfortably around your natural waistline, which is your waist at its thinnest point. It is advisable to actually measure this, instead of guessing or going by your pant size.

Hips: Hip measurement is fairly simple, measure around your hips, going over your butt at it's BIGGEST point.

BustCup SizeWaist!HipsEquivalent Dress Size
34-37"B-C25 1/2-2836-39"10-12

I cannot guarantee that this chart is exact, but is the closest I can get. I hope this small section helps with something that can be a major pain in the beginning of transition when you're trying to build that new wardrobe. :)

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Originally Contributed by Zoe (12/14/2004)

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