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Getting GCS via health care.

I currently live in Massachusetts, on June 20th 2014 the Massachusetts Department of Insurance now considers exclusion of transgender/transsexual to be sex based discrimination. This includes Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as Genital Confirmation Surgery.

My insurance plan (HMO)

I have a HMO plan, this means that you need a referral for them to cover a visit to a GCS/SRS doctor if they are out of network. This is common, because most HMO networks are restricted to a local area and will not have an SRS/GCS doctor near in the network.

My attempt

  • Since I have an HMO plan, i am required to contact my Primary Care Provider (PCP) and tell them I would like GCS (with HMO plans, you have to do everything though your PCP, or your insurance company may refuse to cover surgery). After that my PCP asked me to find an in-network doctor to refer me too.

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