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a person with both or neither identities of male and female. See also Genderqueer. Androgynes are typically somewhere in the middle.

A system where only two states exists.

Buccal mucosa is the lining of the inner cheek (mouth) which may potentially be used for SRS for MTFs forming the neovagina

Contrasex hormones
As the Latin prefix "contra" means "opposite or contrasting", contrasex hormones would be hormones opposite to ones birth sex.

Gender neutral term to replace 'boy' or 'girl' friend.

Female-to-Androgyne. Someone who starts off with the assigned birth sex of female and transitions to an Androgyne

Female-to-Male transsexual. Someone who starts off with the assigned birth sex of female and transitions to the sex of male. I would love to be able to provide more information for FTMs here, but I don't know much myself and haven't gotten anyone interesting in collaborating in this area yet. A good resource my FTM friends use is Hudson's however.

Full Time
The act of living all the time in the target gender. Some people may do this gradually, others right away. Some may experience a period of Part Time living before going Full Time. (cf. RLE/RLT)

Gender Dysphoria
the discomfort a person feels when their internal sense of gender (cf. Gender Identity) does not match their assigned gender, primary or secondary sex characteristics, or their gender role based on their assigned gender.

Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS)
An alternative, and more positive, term to describe Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS).

Gender Binary
A belief that gender is a binary system (only male or female).

Gender Expression
the outward signs that indicate what gender a person is. May or may not be consistent with assigned birth sex or gender identity.

gender identity
the internal identification of a person's gender. Not always the same as the outward appearance or expression, nor necessarily the same as the assigned birth sex.

a person who identifies outside the gender binary of male and female. They may identify as both or neither or other.

Gender Role
traditionally applied expectations and demands placed on an individual by society based upon their perceived or assigned gender.

GenderIdentityDisorder: - the DSM-IV classification given to an affliction where the person believes themselves to be a different sex from that assigned at birth.

HormoneReplacementTherapy - the use of contrasex hormones to either feminise or masculinise a transitioner.

a variety of conditions that leave the individual with an indeterminate sex. Quite possibly separate from gender identity.

Male-to-Androgyne. Someone who starts off with the assigned birth sex of male and transitions to an Androgyne

Male-to-Female transsexual. Someone who starts off with the assigned birth sex of male and transitions to the sex of female.

The new penis that is created during bottom SRS for FTMs

The vagina that is created for MTFs during SRS

An individual who identifies as neither gender. May or may not seek surgery to acquire an appearance that most matches their sense of self.

An individual whoes gender falls outside of the gender binary world view.

Part Time
A period where the individual may be living as the target gender only part of the time, such as outside of work, or occasional outings en femme/homme. (cf Full Time). Some people never experience a period of Part Time and just begin living Full Time straight away.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays -- an organization that reaches to parents and friends of queer folk. Despite the name, they do include parents and friends of anyone of queerness (LGBTIQQ?)

the surgery performed to create a neophallus for an FTM individual.

having had SexReassignmentSurgery.

RealLifeExperience / RealLifeTest - the period of time during transition when the person lives as their target gender to acquire experience and to determine if continuing transition is indicated. (cf. Full Time)

Significant Other (`sO)
The partner of a transexual, specific support groups and services exist for significant others.

Standards of Care (SoC)
A set of guidelines for the treatment of gender incongruent and gender non-conforming people. Published by WPATH

SexReassignmentSurgery - surgery performed to transform sexual characteristics into those associated with the target gender.

An umbrella term for any non-gender binary person.

A person whose gender is different than their sex assigned at birth.

the process of changing one's sex, which includes both social and physical aspects.

A transsexual who is actively pursuing transition.

the surgery performed to create a neovagina for an MTF individual.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), formerly known as the (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, HBIGDA), is a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders. WPATH recently released Version 7 of the Standards of Care. (Available here as well.)


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