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The order of these technique by no means endorses one as better than the other.

Technique One

Oh tucking. There are a million tips on this. There are a million suggestions to push your testes into your body. As far as I've been able to figure, you're supposed to push em under your pubic mound. Some TIGHT underwear should keep em in place, and keep your penis where it belongs: 'tucked' between your legs. Remember, TIGHT panties, so one size smaller than you need. A good tip is to wear two pairs, for extra snugness.

I'll be honest... my tucks always come out soon enough. No one ever notices. I supposed they would if there was a HUGE bulge or if I wore spandex or something, but I'm in jeans. And remember, people EXPECT jeans to rumple at the crotch. Women's jeans do that too. Your tuck WILL come out. It WILL. Don't stress... passing is not in the crotch, and anyone who stares at your crotch that much is no friend of yours... or a VERY special friend, depending.

Originally Contributed by Naomi. (10/5/2004)

Technique Two

To keep a tuck from coming out as much, a couple of pieces of tape crisscrossed across between your legs with one end attached to in the front by the pubic area, and the other end attached to the butt cheek will hold stuff in place. Use only tape that is intended to go on skin if you do this, because you could get an infection if you don't, which is painful and could leave scars or tape residue. Also use tape that comes off fairly easily, otherwise it will hurt like hell when you take it off. I find it helps to put a bit of gauze or cloth underneath the point where the pieces of tape cross, because there's a pressure point there that can really hurt sometimes otherwise. And one thing that's really great about this is if it's done properly, you don't have to take it off to pee, as long as you're sitting, which you should already know to do! ^_^

However, if you're planning to be a lingerie model, that's probably not going to work well, because it does show a little bit. One other thing that works, but may feel really weird to some of us, is to wear rather tight thongs. Two or three will hold things down pretty well, but the feeling of something up your butt is going to be uncomfortable to some girls.

Please remember to use common sense if you try any of these things. If it hurts really bad, something might be done wrong. Don't just ignore it, no matter how much you dislike what's down there, because if you bleed, you're likely to get a scar, which won't go away, and could increase the chances of you needing a graft if you ever have Sex Reassignment Surgery.

Originally Contributed by Amanda. (10/6/2004)

Technique Three

How I normally tuck,

step one: take and move your testicles upwards above your shaft, you should notice that they can go under the area above it, might look a little funny nude to your sight, but I found it easier for myself to do this, also it wont be exactingly above your shaft but to the sides.

step two: wrap the skin around your shaft, and wrap your tape around it *NOTE: Do not tape it extremely tight it can be snug but tight might be dangerous, and try to avoid areas you know it will be sensitive* if you cant get your testicles to stay up above the shaft under the skin above the shaft take and wrap the lose skin up as you push them up and tape, that will hold them in place.

Step three: take and move your shaft and taped lose skin back and tape somewhat of an X over it leaving your the head of your shaft out for a bathroom visit and it should not hurt, might feel odd for some but it works fine for myself

I personalty use packing tape, it is a little more sticky and crinkles a little, but holds better for myself but with jeans on you cant hear it at all, and I have most of the hair around the area gone so the tape wont catch hairs and hurt me

Also a major tip, when you sweat the tape will come lose so I advice you to take some Antiperspirant deodorant, and running it over the area where the tape will be and general area around it to keep it from getting wet and coming undone

I learned everything here, but what tape worked for myself and the using the Antiperspirant, from a friend, and donít know if she wants credit so I wont name her but thank her and hope this helps others as well I know it has me

Originally Contributed by Mako. (30/10/2004)

Technique to Tuck Testes

Technique to help get your testes up inside your body.

This technique is very effective, and once mastered, can be done in under 30 seconds. I personally use this technique as I have found it fast and easy.

  • Step 1) Grab a pair of panties and put them on.
  • Step 2) Gently grab your package and pull the whole lot back as far as you can, but not to the point that you feel pain. (At this point, your testes should be just before your anus)
  • Step 3) Pull your panties up tight (so there is no excess room and so your junk doesn't move)
  • Step 4) Grab your non-preferred hand (I'm right handed, so I use my left for this part) and place it gently over the whole area.
  • Step 5) Gently apply pressure to the area, starting from your finger tips, (so your testes move up towards your abdomen)

When your testes go up as far as they can with little to no pressure. Apply a bit more pressure using your palm evenly on both testes at the same time. When you start to feel the sensation of being kicked in the balls, apply a little bit less pressure and they will go up there automatically. This is the most comfortable way I have found to put my testes up into my abdomen and recommend it for just about everyone!

Originally Contributed by SarahM?. (08/01/2010)

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