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Medication name: Premarin, 0.625mg

0.625mg Premarin.

Important: New FDA required warning to those using Premarin.

Important note from the editor: I rarely comment like this, but in this case I feel that I am morally obligated to do so. Premarin is an unsafe medication gathered by basically abusing pregnant mares. The horses are kept in tiny stalls for the length of their pregnancies, given just enough water to live on in order to make their urine more concentrated. They're fitted with an uncomfy rubber diaper to collect the urine. They're repeatedly impregnated throughout their lives. That's right folks... premarin (PREgnant? MARe? urINe) is gotten by torturing innocent horses. Over 50,000 mares a year are impregnated and tied in small stalls with rubber sacks strapped on them, so that their urine can be collected to make Premarin. They are denied free access to water so that their urine will yield a more concentrated estrogen. Most of the older mares and the foals resulting from these pregnancies are shipped off to slaughter.

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--The Editor

A disclaimer on self medication.

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Originally Contributed by Sarah 8/25/2004

Metadata -- keep at end of page Summary:Premarin - Unsafe medication.


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