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Agenda 2016/04/02

NOTE: This is a special informal organizational meeting. The floor is open!

  • Set agenda for tomorrow's meeting
  • Identify core issues with our online services
  • Discuss moving forward with reorganizing the wiki

Projects Meeting Notes - 2016/04/02


  • 5 people at various times during the open floor

Next agenda

  • Next agenda items were picked (see next agenda notes)


  • As a sprint elisa added the following:
    • CAS to drupal, etherpad, and the wiki - using drupal accounts as the centeral auth
    • Fixed logos (thanks jess for the assist)
    • Added missing summarys

Metadata -- keep at end of page Summary:Agenda - Set agenda for tomorrow, Identify core issues, moving forward with reorganizing the wiki Tags: meetingnotes, projects

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