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Agenda 2016/04/03

Projects Meeting Notes - 2016/04/03

  • Pick a new meeting time
  • New wiki account system (Drupal/CAS)
  • Wiki organization / planning
  • Resource directory planning
  • Future of TA
  • Blogging


  • 6 people

Meeting Time

  • We have agreed to move the meetings to 15:30 UTC

New accounts system

Wiki & Directory planning

Future of TA

  • We are working on a formal business plan, values document, and putting together a formal board
  • Please contact elisa for information if you would like to help


  • Weekly blogging will be started this week
  • We are taking open submissions
    • A submit blog post button should be added to to the blog feed itself

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Page last modified on April 03, 2016, at 06:13 PM