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  1. Get some kneehigh nylon hose, preferably as close to skin tone as possible. No need to get high quality kinds or anything - cheap is fine.
  2. Using a funnel, fill one of them with some rice.
  3. Twist the kneehigh a couple turns, and push the "ball" you have created through again. Your form will now be 2-ply which won't open up as easily on you while wearing it. Experiment with the amount of tension you put on the knee high when you twist it. Having it too loose or too tight is not good. [You may also choose to use a single ply which may mold more easily to the shape of a bra.] Repeat with a second form, and adjust quantities until you have two equal breastforms (note that most women's breasts are not exactly the same. One is often slightly smaller, higher or a different shape from its partner).
  4. Use scissors to cut off the nylon above the knot leaving only the stretch nylon stocking with the knot.
  5. Put on your bra and insert the forms, pointing the small knot outwards. Over time, the form will change shape. I've found that kneeding the forms can help them 'loosen up', but you can certainly wear them at once.

I used to use this type of form when I was first transitioning, and found them cheap, easy to make and realistic looking (if not feeling).

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