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Please remember, does not endorse DIY (do it yourself/self medication) hormone therapy. These pages are simply to allow you to make an educated choice as to what medication you can request from your doctor. We recognize that there are cases in which people feel that they have absolutely no choice besides taking hormones, by whatever means necessary. In that case, if you must, we urge you to go for low dosages of hormones and antiandrogens (assuming you're MTF) and order from a reputable source, for safety. If you can get blood tests done, you REALLY should. We are not medical practitioners. All medical information here is based on anecdotal evidence and shouldn't be taken as a replacement for professional medical advice. See your doctor! Remember, you won't be alive to enjoy your new life if you're in a hospital bed... or worse. Hormone therapy can be dangerous. It's rare, but not THAT rare. Stay safe, my friends.

Think that self medication is safe? Read this.

-- The editor

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