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Surgery performed to change the physical sexual characteristics of a transsexual into their desired sex.

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(The presence and order of this list in no way represents a recommendation.)

FTM Surgery

FTM surgeries generally consists of three main categories:

  • Top surgery to remove or modify the breasts
  • Hysterectomy/Oophorectomy to remove the uterus and ovaries
  • Bottom surgery to create a neophallus

For better info on FTM surgery, please consult the following resources:

MTF Surgery

MTF surgeries generally consist of three main categories:

  • Facial Feminization Surgery (FSS), to "feminize" the face usually shrinking the nose, lowering cheek bones, and scraping the adam's apple.
  • Top surgery, or Breast Augmentation (BA), to increase breast size.
  • Bottom Surgery, Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), or Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS), to create a neovagina.
  • BuccalMucosaResearch -- utilizing the lining of the inner cheek to line the MTF neovagina


Various people have contributed some experiences of their surgeries to us. The personal information from these submissions has been removed as much as possible, and the purpose here is to give people information about what happens in the entire process.


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