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Most of these were copied from QuestionsBeforeSurgery - Please feel free to add more!


Sophie's questions

These questions were taken from sophie via irc.

What is your motivation(s) for surgery, how would rank these motivations?

Is there any potential outcomes that you know of which you would consider a dealbreaker (Opens up for figuring out if that is actually a dealbreaker)?

What are your primary concerns and fears regarding surgery?

How much time have you put into researching your surgery options?

How do you think you will benefit from the surgery? What are your expectations towards the outcome, carefully evaluate needs vs wants.

Do you have any chronic conditions illnesses that might potentially be a complication or roadblock to surgery?

Have you confirmed with any available surgeons that it isnt? Be honest honest with yourself, as well as your surgeon -- you don't want to end up dead because you hid something out of fear.

Methods differ between surgeons, given the above answers do you feel that you have found the best surgeon, for you, within your means?

Questions Millie Gave Me To Think About Prior To Surgery

What do I want from my new genitalia? What do I want to have regarding my new vagina?

Two follow-up hypothetical situations to try on and see how I would feel:

  • Pretend my new vagina was very short, only 2-2.5 inches, and unable to accommodate a normal sized penis without a great deal of pain.
  • Pretend I had absolutely no feeling in the area; none whatsoever. All it felt like was like rubbing on a piece of wood. How would I feel about that? Would I feel that I had made a mistake in having SRS?

Would I Still Have Chosen Surgery Knowing That Would Be The Outcome?

If I Ended Up With A Short Vagina, One That Precluded P/V Intercourse, How Would I Feel?

Okay, So What If I Had The Depth, But There Was No Feeling?

This Begs The Question: What If I Am Disqualified For Surgery? What Would I Do Then?

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